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Nothing stands out quite like a bundle of ugly weeds on an otherwise pristine bare ground or granite surface. As they grow, weeds break up the soil above and underneath, increasing the likelihood of erosion and structural instability. And while decomposed granite is versatile and has many positive attributes, weed control is certainly not one of them. To make matters worse, weeds thrive the most in areas that are nutrient-rich but lacking competition. Unlike lawns, gardens, or plant beds, bare ground and granite do not contain other plants to act as natural deterrents for weeds.

As water-permeable substances, they also lack protection from the elements, such as wind carrying weed seeds and rain providing moisture necessary for germination. Even firmly compacted decomposed granite is prone to vigilant weed growth. Hence, weed control can be particularly challenging despite being all the more essential. Manual labor for such situations is time-consuming, unrewarding, and impractical. Instead, you should hire a pest control professional (PCP) like Pest Management Services to handle the hard work for you.

Pre-Emergent And Post-Emergent Herbicides
To discourage plant growth of all kinds, you may be tempted to utilize non-selective, post-emergent bare-ground herbicides. These products are also known as soil sterilants and are exceptional at killing existing vegetation. Though they excel in non-vegetated areas such as industrial sites and parking lots, long-term use on the bare ground can negatively affect soil quality, making it more prone to erosion and eliminating healthy insect activity. The sterilant-treated ground may also increase wildlife pest presence and encourage nastier weed species. Some weeds even develop a degree of resistance, making it harder to control them.

Accordingly, the preferred route is to prevent weed growth from happening from the start by using pre-emergent herbicides. They attack weeds early on at the seed germination stage to keep them from ever catching a foothold. Pre-emergent herbicides can be used on areas that are particularly prone to weeds or across a broad region as an all-encompassing preventative measure. Since it is only effective before seeds begin to grow, it is essential to apply pre-emergents before the growing season begins. If you can already see the weeds, it’s too late for pre-emergent herbicide. That’s when post-emergent herbicides come in to clean up the job.

Professional Arizona Weed Care
Complete weed control is possible as long as you’re applying the right treatments at the recommended rates, within the optimal time frame, and during ideal conditions. Moreover, it is essential to take the proper precautions when working with chemical products. Herbicide application can be dangerous, especially for potent post-emergent herbicides and soil sterilants. Improper tools and methods can lead to safety hazards for humans and the surrounding environment, which is why weed control is best left to professionals. At Pest Management Services, we know how to treat bare ground and granite with the necessary precautions to ensure a weed-free zone that is simultaneously well cared for and doesn’t degrade. Contact us today to learn more about our pre-emergent, post-emergent, and preventative weed care services.

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